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Dasa Sahithya Project
  The project conducts the following religious and cultural programmes:  
  Aradhanas of Karnataka Haridasas: These programmes have religious discourses, Harikathas, and musical concerts as main features, and Bhajans and quiz contests as special attractions, arranged at various places in connection with the Vardhantis/Jayanthis of Karnataka Haridasas.  
  Summer Camps: Recitation of 'Harikathamritasara', discourses on Dasa Sahitya, teaching of Haridasa compositions and religious texts are the main features of the Summer Camp.  
  Metlotsavam: Climbing the Seven Hills in the traditional manner, as taught by the Karnataka Haridasas; singing of Bhajans by thousands of members of the Bhajan troupes attired in Haridasa-fashion, and procession of Haridasa portraits through the main streets of Tirupati. Bhajan and quiz contests are the main features of Metlotsavam.  
  Samyojana' of Bhajan Troupes: Teaching Bhajan troupes Haridasa compositions according to the tradition introduced by the school; providing them with perfected versions of Haridasa compositions in the order of Taaratamya; registering the Bhajan troupes with the project for achieving uniformity in Bhajan singing and popularising sankeertans through Bhajans.  
  Seminars on Dasa Sahitya: Arranging discourses on 'Dasa Sahitya' by reputed scholars and publishing the papers presented by them.  
  Dasotsavams: Lectures by scholars on the literature of 2/3 Karnataka Haridasas, based on comparative study; music concerts and Bhajans comprising songs composed by Haridasas and Harikathas.  
    The above programmes are arranged at various places every year. Local Aradhana Committees, Bhajan troupes and other religious and cultural associations are encouraged to participate and conduct programmes.  
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