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SRI SRINIVASA UTHSAVA BALAGA, BANGALORE established in 2012 to propagate and popularise the literature of the saint composers of Karnataka, popularly known as Karnataka Haridasas, who enriched Kannada religious literature with their hymns.

Karnataka Haridasas who brought the esoteric Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas within the reach of the common man in lyrical form in simple Kannada, composed thousands of hymns in praise of Lord Sri srinivasa, thus preaching devotion to God.

Purandaradasa, Kanakadasa, Vijayadasa, Sripadaraja, Vyasaraja, Vadiraja, Gopaladasa and Jagannathadasa were some of the luminaries in the galaxy of Karnataka Haridasas who treaded the path of dualism paved by Sri Madhwacharya.

This lineage of Karnataka Haridasas has produced around 400 saint-composers.

  Publications   Exhibitions   Audio Cassettes   Religious and Cultural Programmes
  SRI SRINIVASA UTHSAVA BALAGA, BANGALORE aims at acquainting people with the lives and teachings of Karnataka Haridasas; spirituality, righteousness and morals preached by them, thus inculcating devotion in general and devotion to Lord Sri srinivasa in particular. This is achieved through:  
  • Publications
  • Exhibitions
  • Audio Cassettes
  • Religious and Cultural Programmes
  Photographs of places connected to the Karnataka Haridasas; idols of Gods and Goddesses worshipped by them; articles used by them and photographs of temples constructed by them  
  The project has an Advisory Board and Expert Committee, comprising eminent scholars, which reviews programmes and helps plan various activities involving research, publication and propagation.  

No.21, 6th Main, 2nd Cross, N.R. Colony,
Bangalore 560 019, Karnataka, India.
Tel.: +91.80.26606409

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