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Dasa Sahithya Project

Dasa Sahitya Project : Dasa Sahitya Project was promoted by TTD, Tirupathi in 1979.  The project aims to preserve, conserve and propagate the Haridasa Bhakthi movement pioneered by the great Narahari Tirtha and Sripadarajaru during 14th and 15th Century in Karnataka.
Literature of the Haridasas is so vast as to embrace all the aspects of Indian Culture.  Philosophical truths contained in the Upanishads, Bhagavata or other Puranas and Vedic Sciences.  Haridasas have adopted Carnatic Music, great heritage of musical lore as the medium of such a copious literature.   It has one central thought to convey to the world and that is HARI BHAKTI.


It is but proper that HARI BHAKTI is the inner spirit of this great literature.


Sri Sripadaraja who flourished in 15th century has composed a number of songs in Kannada.


His ankita being ‘Rangavittala’  leads us to a wide variety of Dasa Sahitya Devaranamas, Mundiges etc.,

  Aim and Objectives of Dasa Sahitya Project :  
  To promote, organize and conduct ‘Haribhajane Mado Nirantara’ through BHAJANA MANDALIs all over India.  
  To conduct Nityotsavas, Metlotsavams, Deepotsavams, Brahmotsavams, Bala Balikala Srivari Metlotsavams, Purandara Dasara Aradhana Mahotsavams at Tirumala, Tirupati, Tiruchanoor.  
  To Organise and conduct Dasa Sahitya Symposiums, Seminars, Workshops for the benefit of Bhajana Mandalis at different places.  Topics from Dasa Sahitya, Harikathamruthasara and other Dasa literature are selected for such programmes and eminent scholars on Haridasa literature are invited to conduct such programmes.  
  To organize Venkata – Krishna Nityotsava at UDUPI, with Bhajana Mandali  to participateion in all the programmes.  
  To conduct GURUVANDANA programmes at various places in India involving Bhajana Mandalis to promote Dasa Sahitya Project activities.  
  To bring out Dasa Sahitya Publications,  Multi media , Audio CDs and Research Monographs on Haridasa Literature.  
  To promote Hindu Dharma Jagruti among the Public through Bhajana Mandali Members all over India.  
  To conduct devotional music classes in Schools all over India in phases through local artists and to promote Bhajan Vidya among the youth.  
  To promote mounthly namely chaitrotsavam, Vasantotsavam, Shreshtotsavam etc., every month to encourage Bhajana Mandali members to actively participate in discussions, presentations as Keerthanas, Harikathamruthasara etc.,at various places.  
  To organize interactive environment seminars and discourses and Bhanjans for the benefit of Bhajana Mandali members all over India, or a regular basis.  
  To organize QUIZ programme, Antakshari and Singing competition among members of Bhajana Mandalis on a regular basis.  

The Dasa Sahitya Project was initiated 30 years ago, by the then E.O. of TTD – Sri PVRK Prasad, I.A.S.    Sri K. Appannacharya as the special officer, Dasa Sahitya Project built up the project to great heights of excellence in all dimensions. Today, under the able guidance of Vidwan Anandatirthacharya P. R. , Special Officer, Dasa Sahitya Project the strengths of Bhajana Mandalis has now touched 2500 !  And it is growing at a faster rate reaching out to more than 45,000 members all over India.  The chairman of TTD and Executive officer, have been a great support to all the activities of DSP.

  Special Events of : DSP in the 30th year Celebration.  
  1. Launching of 30 CDs.
  2. Prophesied released of 30 Bookes on Dasa Saithya  .
  3. National Seminars & Conference of Dasa Sahitya.
  4. Devarama Classes conducted in Schools & Colleges all over India to promote Dasa Sahitya Project activities.
  Major Achievements in the last five years :  
  1. The number of Bhajana Mandalis has increased from 800 to 2400.300% growth)
  2. Inclusive of quarterly metlotsavams and Bala Balikala Srivari Metlotsavams and Purandaradasara Aradhana Mahotsavam at TIRUMALA – every year. We are extremely  happy to acclaim that Bala Balikas are brought to Tirumala and given adequate awareness of the main aims of the  Dasa Sahithya Project and this has resulted in transforming the modern day youths who have evinced great interest in learning and preaching them to the mass section of the society, We have drawn Bala  Balikas from all sections of rhe society irrespective of caste creed and sect.
    All the major peetadipathis also were invited who took part in the event.  This particular event has received wide appreciation from one and all.
  3. Unjalotsava Seva for Artistes of Haridasa Keerthans everyday at Tirumala.
  4. Installation of Sri Purandara Dasa Idol at ALIPIRI on 24 of June 2010  – Tirupati and Purandara awards has been given to ten Eminent Scholars.
  5. Guruvandana, Lakshmishobana Yaga at Haridwar, Pushkara Sambhrama
  6. Introduction of Venkata Krishna Nityotsavam at UDUPI everyday.  
  7. Monthly seminars and discussions on Dasa Sahitya Organised every month at different places for Bhajana Mandali members.
  8. Tatvajnana Sammelana at Raichur and Sreenivasa Anugraha Prashasti Samarambha.
  9. Samoohika Kunkumarchane at Mangalore and other various places.
  10. Kalyanothsava Celebrations are being conducted by Dasa Sahitya Project.
  11. Propagation of Dasa Sahitya through Publishing books and CDs Only. 24 books in kannada  were published in 24years,now with the period of 4 years we have published 10 books in kannada ,telugu and tamil.
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